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Mother is Heaven to Human

Mother is Heaven to Human


One of the Bengali letters is a small word 'ma' which means a large number.  The cost of a mother's milk, the skin of the cow, but the loan will not be repaid.

 As many of us may know, spider eggs hatch or hatch.  The mother spider carries that egg in her body or until it hatches.  Eggs begin to hatch at one time due to the rules of nature.
 The vibrations of the new life can be seen inside the egg.  The new baby has arrived, he has to leave the place.
 But where is the food?  The little spider or 'little mother's body' in the hunger pangs began to eat.  Once the whole body of the mother goes to the stomach of the children.  So the dead mother falls apart, but the child moves to the new world.  This is the story of the spider mother's suicide. 

In fact, mother is the best and sweetest call in the world.  Mother, Mother, and Mother.  The one and only word is dear and valuable.  Not just dear words, dear word- mother.  Dear sentiment- Mother.  Dear person - Mother.  Dear Caretaker - Mother.  Dear cook - Mother.
Dear Mother - Mother.  All the 'beloved ones' are only the mother's favorite memories.  Because the mother is the only person in the world who gives unconditional love to her child without exchanging anything. 

The world is very difficult, everyone leaves everyone, everyone forgets, just one who never leaves.  And there will be a lifetime.  That man is a mother.  No one knows for sure what a great thing a mother is about. 

Hundreds of thoughts in your head, once you put your head in the mother's mouth, you will see all the thoughts disappear.  In fact, an analogy is not enough for the mother.  Nothing can be compared to mother.  Mother is mother  As the baby grows up safely in the mother's womb, it is only after the birth of the sesame seed that the mother squeezes her pulse and grows the sesame seeds as a prospective human being.  The mother of a grieving mother who first remembered her as the ground of ultimate comfort in the ultimate crisis of life.  The mother first taught the world the colors and sounds and the smell of the earth. That is why we often find ourselves in trouble, without knowing it.

 Children are like stubborn servants, they hurt mothers even when they do not want them, and mothers are there with their children until the end. 

The mother whose mother is not living in the world understands what she has lost from her life. 

He who does not have 'mother' understands the pain of life.

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